Greenhouse System Installer


Shawnee, KS

Tyler, TX


Jackson AgroBuilders, LLC is seeking individuals who are passionate about their work, who take pride in their accomplishments and who are looking to move their career forward. Jackson AgroBuilders offers competitive compensation and benefits that include: travel expense compensation, paid vacation, health/vision/dental insurance while working away from our two home bases in Kansas City and Dallas.

Job Purpose

Greenhouse System Installers will travel throughout the Midwest to assemble and install greenhouse systems (including pre-engineered greenhouse structure, glazing systems, heating and cooling systems, growing systems, shade systems, and irrigation). Projects include varying sizes of commercial greenhouses in the wholesale nursery and commercial food production industries.

Job Duties

  • Read and interpret pre-engineered building drawings (blue prints)

  • Determine the materials required and plan the sequence of tasks

  • Prepare material prior to assembly

  • Hoisting and guiding components into place

  • Working from mobile elevated work platforms (scissor lifts)

  • Install pre-engineered structure to manufacturer specifications

  • Install glazing system

  • Install heating and cooling systems, to include installation of evaporative cooling systems and exhaust fans

  • Install growing systems

  • Install shade systems

  • Complete housekeeping duties as required

  • Comply with all Jackson AgroBuilders health and safety policies and procedures, and local government health safety regulations

  • Committed to traveling throughout the Midwest United States for extended periods of time

Essential Skills

  • Self-motivated and dependable

  • Demonstrates quality workmanship

  • Acute safety awareness

  • Observant and detail oriented

  • Agile with a strong sense of balance

  • Comfortable at heights

  • Above average strength to handle and maneuver heavy materials

  • Effective interpersonal skills including tact and diplomacy while working with a variety of individuals and groups

Work Site Environment

  • Outdoors, in a variety of weather conditions with exposure to the elements

  • Heights

Job Title

Greenhouse System Installer 1

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